The Adventures of Spider Elf

A true tale about how “The Adventures of Spider Elf” began… Once upon a time there was an Elf on the Shelf named Spider Elf. Each night after the children were sound asleep, magic swept through the house and brought Spider Elf to life. All through the night he would run and play causing fun Christmas mischief. In the morning when the children awoke to their surprise they would find Spider Elf in a brand new predicament. Sometimes the house would be covered with toilet paper or the elf would be tied-up by an evil clan of lego mini figures. No matter what trouble the elf caused, the children were fascinated by the past nights activities. They would ponder the details and dream up magical stories filled with endless posibilities.

Then after one long debate of Spider Elf’s nightly mischief came “The Adventures of Spider Elf”. As a father of three very incredibly imaginative kids it was time to bring the magic to life. Through a little imagination of my own and the power of PhotoShop, I created the very first Spider Elf adventure. It brought the mystery to life and painted a vivid picture of what may have really happened. Follow along this Christmas season as “The Adventures of Spider Elf” come to life!

Space Elf | The Adventures Of Spider Elf


Dressed in high-grade aluminum foil Spider Elf went where no Elf has gone before.

Elf On The Moon | The Adventures Of Spider Elf


Watching from high above, Spider Elf sits on the moon fishing for Christmas goodies.

Marshmallows Roasting On An Open Fire | The Adventures Of Spider Elf


Just relaxing by the fire with good friend and sweet treats, Spider Elf Roasts some marshmallows on an open fire.