Hot Stuffing Coming Through – Thanksgiving Apron


What are you wearing this Thanksgiving? Why not try on this cute “Hot Stuffing Coming Through” Thanksgiving apron for a good laugh and a good time. Happy Thanksgiving!

Our aprons are made from 100% heavy-duty PolyLinen. Basically this means they can withstand almost anything you throw, spill or drip on it and it will never shrink in the wash. Oh, and believe it or not, they are still so soft.

Ready for the features? With an oversized pocket right in the front, you’ll be able to store your secret recipe away from prying eyes. Use the adjustable neck with a stainless steel strap holder for the perfect fit.You will never have to worry about looking great in this apron since it is wrinkle free. Wow! That is one heck of an apron. What are you waiting for? Click add to cart and get yours today!!!

Looking for something a little more subtle? Try our “Feed Me Turkey Until I’m Stuffed”  Thanksgiving apron out for size.

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  • Soft and flexible fabric
  • 100% PolyLinen
  • Won’t shrink
  • Great Washability!
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Large Front Pocket
  • Adjustable neck with stainless steel strap holder
  • Finished Size: 33” Long, 25″ Wide
  • Our aprons are printed with a high quality dye process. It will NEVER crack, peel or fade!