Rollin' Down The Street Eating Cheerios - Funny Baby Bodysuit


Rollin down the street, eating cheerios laid back with my and on my mommy and my mommy on my mind. Well that's a mouthful BUT it's super cute and suits the tiny humans well. Thanks to Snoop Dogg for the inspiration!

This bodysuit is made from a fantastic 65 Polyester/35 Cotton blend. This is a new blend that we just know you'll love so much more than our previous bodysuits (if that's even possible!). Here's why; they are thicker and super soft. These bodysuits no longer require special laundering to maintain their gorgeous appearance! The print is soft and permanent, just like the new addition to your family <3


  • Available in short sleeve and long sleeve
  • 65 Polyester/35 Cotton blend
  • Thick and super soft fabric
  • The print is fused into the fabric for a soft and permanent design
  • This product has a slightly lighter finished print. (Think Vintage)

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