Engraved Semicolon Necklace: Available in Gold, Rose Gold & Silver - My Story Isn't Over Yet, Punctuation, Suicide Awareness, Jewelry

My Story Isn't Over Yet, Semicolon - Engraved Necklace

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The "Semicolon" necklace lets you show your support for the people we have lost and as a reminder to others that their story isn't over yet. In punctuation, the semicolon (;) indicates there is more to come. In life, it tells the world that "My Story Isn't Over Yet" and helps to subtly raise suicide awareness.

This minimalistic necklace is engraved with a semicolon and available in gold, rose gold & silver. Give the gift of jewelry for a sentimental gift that will last a lifetime.

The charm is a 1/2" in diameter and made from your choice of solid sterling, rose gold plated, gold plated and silver plated with a semicolon engraved onto it.



  • Engraved semicolon
  • 1/2" diameter
  • Solid sterling, rose gold, gold or silver


  • Cable style
  • 18" chain
  • Solid silver or plated (to match the finish of the charm you choose)
  • Jump ring connection
  • Colors may appear slightly different on your screen than in person


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