7 Fun ways to give cash! – Money Gift Ideas

Anyone can put some cash in a card but it takes a creative genius like you to add some real flair to it. If you are looking for some fun ways to give cash this is the place for you. Scroll down now to find some inspiration below for your next cash giving gift.


1. Origami Dollar Folding Gift

Fun ways to give cash: Origami Graduation Cap

Fold it up and you will have a work of art. Origami might be the most customizable option for cash giving since you can create just about anything you can imagine up. Personalize your creation to fit the person or event you’re celebrating. Even better, the only thing you need with origami cash giving is the cash itself. During our search for origami instructions we discovered some great tutorials on the web but found the videos were the easiest to follow. Want to make the graduation cap and diploma we made? Use this link to view the great instructions we found on YouTube by Jenny Chan.


2. Homemade Money Card

Make A Wish Money Card

Here is a twist to the traditional money card. Instead of placing the cash inside the card celebrate it as part of the card. Light up your cash and really make this gift shine! This fun way to give cash is also fun for you if you are into crafting and want to make a cute card for a special person. If designing a card from scratch isn’t your idea of a good time check out Canva for some easy to personalize card templates. This way all you have to do it attach the candles. Easy Peasy!


3. Want Some Money To Burn?

Money To Burn

Who doesn’t want some money to burn? No one I can be friends with at least. If you are looking for a fun way to give cash with the intentions of watching it all go up in smoke, you just found the best way to do it. Grab a cool matchbox  or decorate one for the occasion and pack some cash inside. This fun way to give cash is sure to spark a big smile with this cash to burn!


4. Hidden in a Pez dispenser ( Surprise, surprise!)

Fun ways to give cash: Hidden in a Pez dispenser

Getting money is always a great surprise but putting it in a Pez dispenser provides an extra surprise. It’s like getting 2 for 1 when it comes to gifts. There are so many dispensers out there you are certain to find the perfect one for your special occasion at your local supermarket. This cash stuffed gift makes one sweet surprise.


5. A box of balloons

Fun ways to give cash: Balloons In A Box

This fun way to give cash is probably going to be more exciting for you and the other guest but shouldn’t you get to enjoy the gift of giving. Here is how it works. First, stuff a bunch of balloons with cash and confetti if you’re ok with a colorful mess. Then shove them in a box with a message saying to “These balloons were filled magic. Pop each one to release the magic and receive your gift.” Now you get to sit back and watch the explosion of cash and confetti for a magical celebration. This fun way to give cash is sure to be a blast!


6. Money talks! (Speaking of Cash)

Fun ways to give cash: Money talks!

Talk about a fun way to give cash. This bag of cash is a great one for little kids who will just love the creative character you come up. When your special little someone sees this gift sitting in the pile they will be asking to open it first. With a pull of the tongue the cash will come rolling out and the smiles will grow big.


7. Play-Doh for when you need some dough

Play Doh

We had so much fun creating these fun ways to give cash we just had to do one more. We call it ” Bonus Cash” but you can call it Play-Doh! This one is super easy to put together and gives some big bang for your bucks, so to speak. Make someone’s day with some doh to play with.