10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives

10 creative gift wrap alternatives using items you already have lying around the house

You have already done the hard work and found the perfect gift! BUT you are waiting until the last minute to wrap it. So you tell yourself; “No big deal! I have lots of wrapping paper and plenty of time.” All of a sudden it’s T-minus 10 minutes until you have to leave. It’s at that exact moment you realize you have a whole lot of nothing, no wrapping paper at all. What do you do? You can rush to the store and grab a lame, overpriced gift bag OR you can use one of these 10 easy, at home ideas with stuff you already have. These great wrapping tips are going to make you stand out and appear to have spent hours slaving over the perfect packaging. So basically….you’re welcome 🙂


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Paper Lunch Bag

Paper Lunch Bag
This is so easy and it takes about 2 minutes to put together. Cut open one of the lunch bags and cut it into as many 5 inch squares as you can. Stack them together and cut them into a wobbly circle. Fan them out and punch a tiny hole in the middle for a twisty tie. Tie a small knot in one end of the twisty tie and thread the other end through. Now fluff up and pinch the paper until it forms a flower like bow. All you have to do now is place a gift in the other bag and fold it shut. Pop a small hole in the folded part of the bag and connect the two for a gorgeous looking giftwrapping job. 2 bags, 2 minutes 2 easy!

Materials Needed
• 2 Paper lunch bags
• Scissors
• Twist tie/wire/string
• Bow instructions


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Newspaper

Big news! Newspaper gift wrap can be classy. We have all seen the present wrapped in the comics section but that has nothing on this newspaper wrapping. Use the text only print without images or color to give that classy feel. Add some black and white ribbon to match the theme and a little button or charm for that extra WOW factor.

Materials Needed
• Newspaper
• Scissors
• Clear tape
• Ribbon
• Fancy button/charm


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Fabric

Fabric or Bandana
What do you do with those old scraps of fabric? Here’s an idea, turn them into wrapping paper. They not only look beautiful, they are reusable and durable. If you don’t have a scrap piece of fabric laying around you can buy a pile of scraps from most fabric stores for a few dollars. Another alternative is to use a bandana or handkerchief.

Materials Needed
• Sheet of fabric
• String
• Gift tag


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Balloons

This idea is bursting with fun! Just make sure it’s not your home that its being opened in because in this case, fun=massive confetti mess. You can buy some confetti at your local party store or just chop up some colorful paper. We suggest money as the perfect gift here but anything small will work.

Materials Needed
• Clear or translucent balloon
• Confetti


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Toilet paper Roll

Toilet Paper Roll
Looking for an easy wrap job? This one is so easy a kid can do it! That’s why it is our
recommendation for the kids gift wrap alternative. Just fold the ends of a paper roll and tie a ribbon around it. WOW! That was really easy.

Materials Needed
• Toilet paper roll
• Scissors
• Ribbon


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Mason Jar

Mason Jar
Everyone loves mason jars and all the things you can do with them. With some ribbon and a cute little label, you can customize this mason jar to be the gift and the gift wrap all at the same time. Some ideas besides a spa day would be; a candy jar, candle, cupcake in a jar or a piggy bank with some money to get started. The ideas are endless.

Materials Needed
• Jar with a lid
• Scissors
• Glue
• Ribbon
• Marker
• Heavy Paper


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Old Map

Old Map
If you still use your old maps, we applaud you for not getting sucked into the 21st century. If you joined the rest of us with a GPS then use your old maps for a unique gift wrap alternative.

Materials Needed
• Map
• String or twine
• Scissors
• Clear tape
• Gift tag


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook Paper
This is the closest thing to wrapping paper without actually using wrapping paper. This gift wrap alternative has endless design and color options. Another benefit is that the super thick paper gives the impression of high quality wrapping paper. Now that’s an idea you don’t want to scrap.

Materials Needed
• Scrapbook paper
• Tape


10 Creative Gift Wrap Alternatives: Mailer

Fun mailer
Turn a simple mailer is to a really cute wrapped present, in a snap! Just fold the top into a point and top it off with a colorful button for that cute factor. If you are looking for some fun patterns like the polka dot one pictured below, try target and staples for a great selection.

Materials Needed
• Mailer
• Button
• Glue


Tissue paper
Lets give your gift some dimension with a beautiful flower! This one takes a little practice. Achieving the flower shape is challenging, but it’s worth the time! Cut a few sheets of tissue paper into a circle. Add the gift to the center and pull the paper around it, to the center. We like the twisty tie to quickly tie the paper but string or tape would work well too. The tricky part is twisting the paper and pulling the layers apart to make a flower.

Materials Needed
• A few sheet of tissue paper
• Scissors
• Twisty tie


  1. All the ideas were cool but I never think a toilet paper roll can be such a great wrapping solution honestly. After reading this article I google for more ideas with toilet paper roll wrapping. You know I got huge and I am thinking my next gift wrapping paper will be toilet paper roll. Thanks for all the ideas anyway…

  2. Finding the perfect gift is not an easy thing to do. But who don’t love a DIY touch on that. You made it easy to think a unique idea of gift wrap. I am taking one of these ideas: “Mason Jar” for my GF. Hope she will love it as I did. I think, you got my thanks….:)

  3. Merely WOW!! Each of the ideas has been cool yet I never ever think a bathroom paper spin can be this kind of great wrap solution actually. You know I obtained hugely and that I am pondering my subsequent gift wrapping paper will probably be toilet roll paper. Appreciate your sharing this informative article precious!!

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